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I'm as passionate about your book idea as you are, and I want to help you get it off the ground.

In my twenty-year career in publishing I've worked on all types of non-fiction, developing and advising on everything from memoirs, historical texts and business books to cookery and self-help.


I studied French, Russian and Linguistics at Cambridge University before starting my career in publishing. Before becoming a full-time ghostwriter, I worked in house as an editor, a senior acquisitions editor and later a non-fiction editorial director.


Since launching my freelance career in 2017 I've developed and/or written over 30 books, some of which have secured lucrative publishing deals, been the subject of major national marketing campaigns, become Amazon bestsellers and been adapted for stage or television. 


Many of these books would previously have been turned down because the manuscript simply needed too much work. 

I work with authors all over the world to make their books happen. From independent authors wishing to self-publish to high-profile influencers with major publishing deals, I always work with the author as well as the manuscript, ensuring the end product is the best it can be.

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