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Scroll through the book covers to see a selection of my collaborations.

"Through her extensive research and knowledge Sophie honed in on the key factors that would make my book stand out. She not only gave me the reassurance I needed but brought the story to life. I’ve just received an offer from a major publisher."

Hamed Amiri, author of The Boy with Two Hearts

"Sophie is a very talented writer and development editor. We worked with her on our first manuscript of Product Research Rules.Her collaborative style and punctuality were a breath of fresh air. I will definitely look to her for help in my next writing project."

C. Todd Lombardo, author of Product Research Rules

"I found the book planning sessions with Sophie immensely helpful, insightful, inspiring and enjoyable! Sophie had already got the full idea of what I wanted my book to be even before I met her, and was able to give me insights into various structuring and positioning that might work better. She took me from having a folder full of sporadic ideas and thoughts to having a clearly defined reader, theme and even contents list. I now proceed with excitement and confidence to the next stage of my book writing. I'd thoroughly recommend any author to seek Sophie's guidance."

Penelope Newton Hurley, author of Understood

"It was a great pleasure to work with Sophie in preparing for publication my book of personal memoirs . She interacted well with the content, did her own research and demonstrated a lot of care in producing a quality product in line with my own wishes and intent. Her suggestions for re-ordering the content were well-taken so that it improved the flow and also picked up on areas where more explanation was needed. I would strongly recommend her for her good work and efficiency."

Frank Gray

"Sophie's help was perfect in restructuring my book and getting the manuscript in great shape. She is easy to work with, did her research before we met, constructive and always has the end result in mind. Her understanding of business meant that I definitely found the right editor for my project, and would recommend her to anyone who wants to write a business book."

Jeremy Rudd, author of 4 Magic Steps to Double Profit

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