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"I had no idea where to start on a book proposal and how much effort goes into it. Through her extensive research and knowledge Sophie honed in on the key factors that would make my book stand out. She not only gave me the reassurance I needed but brought the story to life. I’ve just received an offer from a major publisher."

Hamed Amiri


If you want to approach a traditional publisher with your idea, you’ll need to create a compelling book proposal. 

As a former commissioning editor, I’ve made make-or-break decisions on hundreds of non-fiction proposals and created hundreds more myself, so I know what editors are looking for. Getting a publishing deal is hard, but creating a killer proposal gives you the best chance of success.


I’ll work with you to pull together your ideas and create a full synopsis of your book to present to publishers. I’ll also create a chapter breakdown, author biography, market analysis and help you polish 2-3 chapters of the manuscript to showcase the quality of your writing. 

You'll walk away with a 3- to 4-page business plan for your book, sample chapters and a compelling outline that puts your idea in its best possible light. I can also advise you on which publishers to approach, and in some cases make the first move.

Investment: from £1250

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