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Do you have an idea to share? An audience to reach? A business to grow? 

Do you want to inspire, move or teach people with your expert knowledge? 

Perhaps you’ve just always wanted to write a book, and now feels like the right time. 

I’m a professional writing consultant with over 15 years’ experience in the publishing industry, so I know that taking the ideas in your head and putting them down on paper isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Whether you need a fresh pair of eyes on your idea, help with structuring your book or someone to tell you how to get started, I want to share my expertise with you and help you achieve everything you’ve dreamed of.


You can find out more About Me or see how I can help you on the Work With Me page. Whatever your big idea, I can’t wait to hear about it and help you get started. 



"I have so many great things to thank you for – from the pleasure of seeing my book in print, to a book signing, talks across the UK and seeing my work reviewed in the Mail on Sunday. None of this would have happened without you taking a punt on my work, and it’s something that I (and I’m sure many other writers you’ve helped) will always be grateful for."

Nick Holland, author of In Search of Anne Bronte

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