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Do you have an idea to share? An audience to reach? A business to grow? 

Do you want to inspire, move or teach people with your expert knowledge? 

Hi, I’m Sophie. I'm a bestselling ghostwriter and non-fiction development editor with twenty years’ experience in the publishing industry working with publishers such as Hachette, Bloomsbury, Penguin Random House and Dorling Kindersley.

I work with senior leaders, founders, influencers and expert coaches who want to write a book that positions them at the top of their field.  


Here's how I can help you:

Person Writing


I'll collaborate with you at whatever level you need to write a book that shares your expertise and attracts a large audience.



I'll edit your manuscript for structure, flow and tone of voice and help you iron out the issues that are holding it back. 


"I have so many great things to thank you for – from the pleasure of seeing my book in print, to a book signing, talks across the UK and seeing my work reviewed in the Mail on Sunday. None of this would have happened without you taking a punt on my work, and it’s something that I (and I’m sure many other writers you’ve helped) will always be grateful for."

Nick Holland, author of In Search of Anne Bronte


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