Getting to The End: How to finally finish your book

You’ve written a lot. It’s taken months. Maybe even years. But still your book isn’t finished. Why can’t you step over that final threshold? What’s stopping you from getting those last few chapters out? Will you ever be able to move on?

Surveys show that 89% of people would like to write a book—but just 1% go on to publish. So why do so many people fall by the wayside? Writing a book is hard, and most authors need a nudge to get over the finishing line. Here are 6 things to try to finally get your book out of your way and get it out into the world.

Get narrow

You could be trying to write too broadly about your subject. Lack of focus is one of the main reasons authors give up, as they find themselves swimming in too much information. Try refining your topic to the next level down. For example, if you’re writing about digital marketing, try ‘Digital Marketing for Social Media Haters’ instead. Niche your subject and your book will not only become more commercial, it will be a lot easier to write.

Give chapters a name

If your document has no chapter titles or just ‘Chapter 1’ as the heading, try writing down exactly what each chapter is about. Use plain English to describe the one point your reader needs to take away. Giving your chapters focus could clarify your structure enough to finish the book. And here’s a top tip: when writing chapter titles, either make them blindingly obvious (‘How to use Instagram’) or intriguing (‘Don’t forget to make your bed’). Don